We are a small, newly formed, level 1 guild that is recruiting people to fill out a reliable 10 man raid group that we hope to start soon. We want people who are novice raiders or who have never raided before as we are novice raiders ourselves. We would like to recruit people who will have patience in learning raid fights and support and help other guild members do the same. We want to form a raid group that guild members won't feel intimidated or afraid to join in on and we want to maintain a sense of community within the guild. We want to recruit people that can help the guild while the guild helps them. We are not limiting our recruiting to only raiders though. We would also like to recruit players who are interested in other in game activities as well (leveling, crafting, dungeons, alts, raid finder, clearing old content, etc.). We have no current plans to do any type of organized PvP and are focusing on PvE activities. Simply put, we want people who enjoy playing WoW and want to do so with a small group they can feel comfortable with and people who are willing to help build a guild and willing to help their guild mates.